Just Wink iPhone App


I finally joined the cool kids and bought an iPhone last month! Having internet on my phone has seriously been a life changer. I really didn’t know what I was missing out on. My friend Kristen introduced me to one of my favorite apps called Just Wink. You should really Just Download it. Seriously. It’s free. Such a great find! With this app, you can send greeting cards through text message (or email to people without smartphones or pay to send a paper card to people with nophones). When you receive the card on your phone, you can “swipe” it open like you open a real card. Who doesn’t love a surprise card from a friend?? The cards range from birthdays to “miss you” to random funny notes. Click the link to my website so you can see the slideshow of cards and how it works:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you pick your greeting card, (which takes awhile because there are so many fun ones!) you can insert a photo, add a message, and even use your finger to trace your personal signature to sign the bottom! It delivers free, instantly, and no concerns about losing it in the mail. Send one to a friend today! Or to me :)


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