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Wunderlist App


This app is a life-changer. I have never been so organized or prepared! Wunderlist allows you to keep multiple organized lists stored in the app, so your “To Do’s” and grocery lists are always at your finger tips. (Assuming you didn’t forget your phone at home!) I love that all of my lists are in one place, stored electronically, and easy to update any time of day, no matter where I am! And, it’s free!! I keep it in my favorites at the bottom of my home screen:

www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.comAnything that I used to keep written on a notepad, now has it’s own list in my Wunderlist app. I keep an ongoing list of groceries, things I need to do, movies I want to see, packing lists for vacation, etc. You can create and title as many lists as you want and then when you click into that list, you can add items to it. To cross an item off the list, you can check the little box to the left of the item. Or, if you want to prioritize something, you can click on the little star on the right, which it marks the item red and moves it to the top of your list.

www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.comIf you click on the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner, it gives you the options to share ownership of the list with someone, email the list to someone, or organize the list alphabetically. If you click to share the list with someone, they are able to add items to your list or cross things out. This could be great for sharing with a roommate a list of communal things you both need, such as paper towel. Or, you can click to email your list to someone and an email with your bulleted list pops up. I used it to send a list of groceries to my mom for an upcoming vacation.

www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.comThese are two examples of lists that have kept me prepared: I keep a list of recipes that I want to try at some point. When I click into the recipe, there is a little notes section where I can keep the ingredients listed for when I’m ready to make it. I also like to keep a list of gift ideas, when I think of something my family or friends might like or if they mention something they want. When I click into their name, I can makes notes of the gift ideas.


When you first open the app, you can use your email address to create a username. It will then take you to your inbox. Swipe to the right to start creating your lists. Your screen will look like the one below on the left with the default lists already created. You can delete any you don’t want by clicking the edit button in the bottom left hand corner. Or, you can select “Add a list…” to create any personalized lists you would like.

www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.comYou can log into your Wunderlist app from anywhere! You can access it from your iPhone, iPad, or sign in online from any computer. There have been so many times when I wasn’t planning to stop at the grocery store, but it ends up being on the way and I have my list ready to go on my phone! I hope you’ll give this app a try and that it helps you keep your life organized!

Just Wink iPhone App


I finally joined the cool kids and bought an iPhone last month! Having internet on my phone has seriously been a life changer. I really didn’t know what I was missing out on. My friend Kristen introduced me to one of my favorite apps called Just Wink. You should really Just Download it. Seriously. It’s free. Such a great find! With this app, you can send greeting cards through text message (or email to people without smartphones or pay to send a paper card to people with nophones). When you receive the card on your phone, you can “swipe” it open like you open a real card. Who doesn’t love a surprise card from a friend?? The cards range from birthdays to “miss you” to random funny notes. Click the link to my website so you can see the slideshow of cards and how it works:

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Once you pick your greeting card, (which takes awhile because there are so many fun ones!) you can insert a photo, add a message, and even use your finger to trace your personal signature to sign the bottom! It delivers free, instantly, and no concerns about losing it in the mail. Send one to a friend today! Or to me :)