Bachelorette Party: Manhattan Beach


In April, I met some of my best girlfriends in Southern California for a killer bachelorette party! We all used to live in LA and spent our weekends together in Manhattan Beach, so we decided to go back to re-live our dreamy California beach memories. Four days with this view couldn’t have been more perfect!Manhattan BeachWe spent the weekend doing all of the fun activities we used to do: yoga at my favorite studio The Green Yogi, biking along the stand, relaxing on the beach, lunching on fresh California cuisine, morning beach walks and taking advantage of the hot tub on our patio!

And of course, we played some fun games! I made this set of Bachelorette Jenga by writing a bachelorette-themed “instruction” on each block. It’s played just like normal Jenga, but when you pick a block, you have to act out or answer whatever is written on it. For example, “Bridesmaid Dress” means describe the worst bridesmaid dress you’ve had to wear or “Fortune Teller: 30 Years” means describe how you picture the bride and groom 30 years from now or “Lap Dance” means perform a 30-second ‘striptease’ for the bride!Bachelorette JengaWe also played “Weenie in a Bottle”, which was hilarious! We tied one end of a string around each girls’ waist and the other end to a hot dog to hang about knee height. The object is to be the first one to lower your hot dog down into the bottle (or cup) without using your hands. It was harder than you’d think, especially after a few champagne toasts! The comments everyone made while trying to get their hot dog in the cup were hysterical…“I just can’t keep it steady!”Weenie in a Bottle - Bachelorette GameWe ordered these adorable tumblers on Etsy, figuring they’d get used during the bachelorette weekend AND when we all fly to the destination beach wedding! Turns out, having our names on the glasses prevented a lot of confusion and dishes for our group of 10. Luckily, we found out margaritas can taste just as good in plastic :)Bachelorette Party TumblersIt’s hard to beat those Southern California sunsets…Manhattan Beach, CACan’t wait to see all these girls again soon for Abi’s wedding in BELIZE!

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