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  1. Sara, your blog has played such a huge role in my family’s Christmas this year!! We bought my Mom everything to make the butternut squash salad and the almond butter oatmeal balls, she can’t wait to try them! In the meantime she has loved snacking on the TJ’s popcorn. :) She also LOVES the TJ’s cocoa butter lotion we gave her as an early stocking stuffer. (We’ve been catching my Dad using it too!) Such a great find, thanks for sharing!! The whole family has been snacking on the lentil dip, we had the Asian lettuce wraps for dinner one night, and we’ve been enjoying that coconut puppy chow all break! (I know the lettuce wraps and puppy chow aren’t on the blog [yet], but I’m so glad you shared those recipes with me.) I even had my mom and Robyn doing the Tabada workout with me this week. (I’ve been doing it about 2-3 times a week for the past 2 months!) Even my extended family got to enjoy your blog this Christmas – we played fishbowl last year and they loved it so much, everyone insisted on playing again this year! Anyways, I really miss hearing about (and taste testing) all of these great ideas first hand, but I’m lucky I can still learn about them from your blog :) Merry Christmas to you, Andrew, Todd, Linda, Michael, and Em! Miss you lots!!!

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