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Popcorn Valentines


I found these popcorn Valentines on Our Best Bites and think they are so cute!! They say “Just POPPING through with a VALENTINE for YOU!” I made them for my Valentine exchange with my girlfriends, but I also think it’s the perfect Valentine for co-workers or classmates because who wouldn’t love to snack on some popcorn amidst all the chocolate on Valentine’s Day ?? They were so quick to put together, so you still have time tonight!

Popcorn Valentines The best part might just be what I filled the bags with: Kettle Corn from Trader Joe’s. Have you tried Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn before? If you are nodding your head, you might also be saying “Yes, and I ate the whole bag in one sitting…” It is THAT good. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and salty, but still very light and airy so you don’t feel weighed down from eating it. Even if you don’t make these valentine’s, at least try this popcorn!

Trader Joe's Kettle Corn

Along with the popcorn, I bought cellophane treat bags and ribbon and printed off the popcorn labels here. (If you are short on time/supplies, you could always just use Ziplock sandwich bags!)

Cut out the popcorn labels and fill in the “to” and “from”. Fill the bag with popcorn, fold over the top of the bag, and then place a creased label on top. Hold them together to punch two holes. Place one end of the ribbon through each hole on the front. Then, pull the ribbons through the backside in the opposite holes. I used thin ribbon, so added some curls with a scissors. On the Best Bites website, they used thicker ribbon, which looks pretty too.

Popcorn Valentines


Ellen Degeneres “Seriously…I’m Kidding”


Who is looking for a light-hearted, quick read after the holidays?? I just finished reading this book in 3 days and loved every single page! I’m slightly biased, in that I already love Ellen, but I think just about anyone will enjoy this book. I found myself chuckling out loud at LAX while reading it, even with the stress of being an hour delayed. It is a hodgepodge collection of stories that is written in a way you can hear Ellen talking to you. I bet it would be fun to get the audio version of this book!

She talks about everything from being a CoverGirl to the importance of stretching to judging American Idol to social skills.

Random tip in her book: “Leaning forward in your chair when someone is trying to squeeze behind you isn’t enough. You also have to move your chair.”

Ellen Degeneres "Seriously...I'm Kidding"

In the end, what I love the most about Ellen is summed up in her book: “However you choose to live your life, just try to enjoy it as much as you can. Fill yourself with joy.” Shouldn’t we all dance a little crazily each day and just be kind to one another??

Also, for fun, here is a blurry picture of me (in the glowing white shirt), Abi, and my mom dancing next to Ellen on her show last year!! We had the perfect seats!

Me on the Ellen show!

The Fishbowl Game


Looking for a fun game to play at your holiday parties?? My friend Zac introduced us to The Fishbowl Game a few weekends ago and we have had a blast playing. Every time we’ve played, we end up dying laughing. It’s a great game for when you have a larger group of about 10 to 20 people.

First, have every person fill out 3 slips of paper that have one thing from each category written on them: a person, a place, and a thing.

The Fishbowl Game

Dump all of the papers into a “fishbowl” or something similar.

Fishbowl Game

Divide into 2 teams. Team A will select a person to go first, who will try to get their team to guess as many slips as they can in 1 minute. Once team A’s minute is up, they add up how many slips of paper they guessed correctly and record that many points for the round. Then, it’s Team B’s turn. If a team hits the 1 minute mark and the clue has not yet been guessed, it goes back into the bowl. Once all of the slips of paper have been guessed, the round is complete, and they all get added back to the bowl for rounds 2 and 3. After round 3 is complete, add up the total number of slips of paper each team has guessed from each round and the team with the most points wins!

Each round has specific rules on how you can get your team to guess the word:

  • Round 1: Player can use both words and actions, without saying any words that are apart of the answer
  • Round 2: Player can only use actions to get their team to guess the word.
  • Round 3: Player can say only 1 word to get their team to guess the clue, so they must choose carefully!

For example, if the word is “cheeseburger”, this is how it could go:

Round 1: Player could act out eating a cheeseburger, pretend to be flipping burgers, and ask “what do you eat at McDonald’s?”

The Fishbowl Game

Round 2: Player can only use actions, so could act like they are eating a cheeseburger and make the Golden Arches to symbolize McDonald’s. You hope that your team remembers the words from the first round, so that they will be able to quickly guess it again.

The Fishbowl GameRound 3: The player can only choose one word, so they could say McDonald’s, and hope that someone remembers cheeseburger is written on one of the slips of paper!

The Fishbowl Game

I promise, you will be laughing by the end of this game! It is hilarious to watch people try to act out the clues and it’s also very funny to try to understand the word associations people use in round 3.

BONUS ROUNDS: In the comments below, I received ideas for a 4th and 5th round. I tried them out with friends and family…they are HYSTERICAL!

  • Bonus Round 4: Player has to act out the word under a bed sheet – no talking, only movements!Fishbowl Game
  • Bonus Round 5: Player uses sound effects to get their team to guess the word – no words or actions allowed. We found this round was also hysterical under the bed sheet, so you can only hear the noises, but not see what the player is doing. (It’s also hard to make sound effects without acting a little bit, so the bed sheet masks movement.)

Emeli Sandé – Next To Me


Last week Ashley, Elaine and I spent 6 hours in the car driving from Napa to LA. Needless to say, we listened to A LOT of music! Ashley introduced us to Emeli Sandé and I am now hooked on her song “Next to Me”. Emeli is a Scottish singer and songwriter and actually sang in both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. Simon Cowell called her “his favourite songwriter at the minute” and whatever Simon says, I can’t help but believe!! Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do…

Oreo Campaign


In celebration of Oreo’s 100th birthday, there are all kinds of interesting and delicious marketing strategies for reminding people about the excitement of Oreos. Did any of you try the limited edition Birthday Cake Oreo’s that were in stores at the beginning of summer?? Clearly they were limited – by the time I heard about them they were off the shelves! There is also a Candy Corn Oreo coming out for Halloween – I saw it in Target already last weekend. (Reviews online are mixed – apparently you have to like the candy corn flavor to like these Oreo’s.)

A fun campaign that is going on now is what they are calling the “Daily Twist”. Starting June 25th, every day they post an Oreo cookie that represents current events. The posts are real photo shoots involving real Oreo cookies. Their goal is to drive digital advertisement through websites such as Pinterest and Facebook. Well it’s working on me because here I am blogging to you guys about it!! Here are some of the cookies they’ve done so far:

I seriously want to try the gay pride version – frosting is my favorite part of the cookie. How fun does that look?? Today’s post is an Oreo cut to resemble the iPhone 5…follow along on their website here: Daily Twist Feel free to share your favorite “date” in the comments!

p.s. I am watching the premier of X Factor right now, so I guess I have committed myself to 4 months of wasted time in front of the TV! I can hardly handle the emotion – I had tears when Paige was singing and her daughter ran on stage, my heart was pounding for the 3 boys from Huntington Beach who chose to do an original song, and I could not stop grinning at 13 year old Justin Bieber look-a-like, Reed!! I feel like my friends are back, having LA Reid and Simon back in my living room…I’m doomed…

Pretzel Necklaces


Last weekend some friends and I went down to San Diego to Stone Brewing’s annual Beer Fest. Is there any other way to celebrate Andrew Maze’s birthday?? I can’t think of one! With the price of admission, you get an official Beer Fest glass and 10 tickets to sample beers from over 40 different craft breweries of Southern California.

Pretzel Necklaces

Because it was so hot and you are sampling paaa-lenty of beer, a co-worker of mine suggested making pretzel necklaces to snack on while you walk around. You guys, these necklaces were a HUGE hit! You would’ve thought we were celebrities the way everyone was pointing at us! And we’ve never talked to so many strangers! In order to make them extra special, I made them “birthday style”. This is how simple it is: cut some ribbon long enough to slip over your head, string on some pretzel twists, and tie a knot!

Pretzel Necklaces

I made mine a little more special by adding home-made birthday buttons. Andrew had so many people wishing him Happy Birthday because of his button. Lots of people wanted in on the snacks.

www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.comAside from a beer or wine tasting, I’ve been trying to think of what other events could be greatly improved by the additional of pretzel necklaces. I keep coming back to college keggers, tailgates, things of that nature….Apparently anytime there is drinking involved, pretzel necklaces should be incorporated!

Alex Care “Too Close”


Were you glued to your TV every night of the Olympics like we were in my apartment?? Were you completely sleep deprived and suddenly feeling like you have your life back now that the closing ceremonies have passed? (Yes, I even stayed up for the Spice Girls – they looked impressively good, didn’t they?! I was shocked!) If so, then you have probably heard this song that played during the commercials. You may have not even realized that the commercial was for Internet Explorer because the song makes it seem so cool! That’s thanks to Alex Care and his song “Too Close”. It was released in the UK last year and became big when Microsoft picked it up. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I find myself running a little faster when it comes on my shuffle…

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