Ellen Degeneres “Seriously…I’m Kidding”


Who is looking for a light-hearted, quick read after the holidays?? I just finished reading this book in 3 days and loved every single page! I’m slightly biased, in that I already love Ellen, but I think just about anyone will enjoy this book. I found myself chuckling out loud at LAX while reading it, even with the stress of being an hour delayed. It is a hodgepodge collection of stories that is written in a way you can hear Ellen talking to you. I bet it would be fun to get the audio version of this book!

She talks about everything from being a CoverGirl to the importance of stretching to judging American Idol to social skills.

Random tip in her book: “Leaning forward in your chair when someone is trying to squeeze behind you isn’t enough. You also have to move your chair.”

Ellen Degeneres "Seriously...I'm Kidding"

In the end, what I love the most about Ellen is summed up in her book: “However you choose to live your life, just try to enjoy it as much as you can. Fill yourself with joy.” Shouldn’t we all dance a little crazily each day and just be kind to one another??

Also, for fun, here is a blurry picture of me (in the glowing white shirt), Abi, and my mom dancing next to Ellen on her show last year!! We had the perfect seats!

Me on the Ellen show!

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