Oreo Campaign


In celebration of Oreo’s 100th birthday, there are all kinds of interesting and delicious marketing strategies for reminding people about the excitement of Oreos. Did any of you try the limited edition Birthday Cake Oreo’s that were in stores at the beginning of summer?? Clearly they were limited – by the time I heard about them they were off the shelves! There is also a Candy Corn Oreo coming out for Halloween – I saw it in Target already last weekend. (Reviews online are mixed – apparently you have to like the candy corn flavor to like these Oreo’s.)

A fun campaign that is going on now is what they are calling the “Daily Twist”. Starting June 25th, every day they post an Oreo cookie that represents current events. The posts are real photo shoots involving real Oreo cookies. Their goal is to drive digital advertisement through websites such as Pinterest and Facebook. Well it’s working on me because here I am blogging to you guys about it!! Here are some of the cookies they’ve done so far:

I seriously want to try the gay pride version – frosting is my favorite part of the cookie. How fun does that look?? Today’s post is an Oreo cut to resemble the iPhone 5…follow along on their website here: Daily Twist Feel free to share your favorite “date” in the comments!

p.s. I am watching the premier of X Factor right now, so I guess I have committed myself to 4 months of wasted time in front of the TV! I can hardly handle the emotion – I had tears when Paige was singing and her daughter ran on stage, my heart was pounding for the 3 boys from Huntington Beach who chose to do an original song, and I could not stop grinning at 13 year old Justin Bieber look-a-like, Reed!! I feel like my friends are back, having LA Reid and Simon back in my living room…I’m doomed…

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