Spiral Hair Pins


Have you guys seen these fun new spiral shaped bobby pins?? They are perfect for throwing your hair up into a seamless bun and it’s so easy to do! They twist right into your hair, hold  firmly in place, and you can’t even see them in there! Your up-do will stay all day because they lock in very tightly (but painlessly!). How great is that? Instead of 20 bobby pins, you just need 2 or 3 or these!

You can find spin pins anywhere they sell hair accessories or online at amazon. You can buy either gold or brown for light or dark hair and either 3 mini or 2 regular sized pins depending on the length and thickness of your hair. For my hair, I find the 3 minis are best, otherwise sometimes the long pin sticks out the other side of my bun.

Goody Spin Pins / www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.com

Gather your hair at the back of your head, but no need to use a pony tail holder. Before wrapping the hair into the bun, I find it easier to twist the “pony tail” like this:

Goody Spin Pins / www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.com

Then, start to wrap your hair into a tight bun. Tuck any loose ends into the bun.

Goody Spin Pins / www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.com

Take the first pin and twist it clockwise into the top of the bun. Take the second pin (and maybe a third) and twist it in from the base of the bun. Spin the pin all the way in until you can’t see it anymore.

Goody Spin Pins / www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.com

I love using them on days when I let my hair dry overnight and need a solution for the kinks…or when I want my hair up, but looking a little fancier than just a pony tail.

Goody Spin Pins / www.sarasfavoritethings.wordpress.com

That’s it! It will last all day or night!

p.s. Thanks Ashley, for taking all of these pictures for me!

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  1. Sara, I have those spiral pins! Used them a lot in Florida, but now I can copy your pony twist into a bun. You can’t believe how long my hair is, getting a trim next week but haven’t cut it since last Sept. Terri and I have been telling our classes your achievements in plank hold and the wall squat.
    Don’t know how you keep that fit while drinking margaritas all weekend? After our Nov. trip to Florida, were not allowed anymore, ha

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