ITA Matrix – Booking Airfare


Today is my birthday!!! I’m now officially 26 as of 6:27am this morning. If I was at home today, I would most certainly be making and eating my absolute favorite Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake. However, I am going to have to trade that in for a margarita because I’m currently on my way to Cancun!! Not such a bad way to spend my birthday, right?!

Speaking of traveling, have you heard of using the ITA Matrix to book your flights? If not, this will seriously change the way you search for airfare. ITA Matrix is a great website to be able to visually see all of the flights available to you based on timing, not just price.

First you fill out the airport or cities that you are traveling between. I used it this week to search for a flight to Atlanta for my friend’s wedding. I wanted to fly LAX to ATL, leaving on Friday (but could select “or day before” to include red-eyes), and my preferred times for the return flight:

ITA Matrix - Booking Airfare

In the upper right hand corner, you can select “Time bars” and the results will appear like this:

ITA Matrix - Booking Airfare

How great is that?? You can visually see what time you leave, how long the layover is, and when you arrive. For my return flight, I could use this visual to pick a flight late enough in the day to leave time for post-wedding recovery, without too long of a layover, and one that doesn’t get back to LA too late:

ITA Matrix - Booking Airfare

You can’t actually book the flight with ITA Matrix. Once you pick your flights, then you can go to the airline’s website to book. But, I think you’ll totally find it’s worth to pick out the flights here first!

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