International Day of the Girl


Yesterday was the first International Day of the Girl, a day that advocate’s girls’ rights, as declared by the UN. (Read this article by the UN to learn more about the cause and this year’s theme of ‘ending child marriage’.) CNN put together a slideshow, asking some of today’s most accomplished women, “What one piece of advice would you give your 15-year-old self?” When you have some time, you can read through the full slideshow here. One of my favorite quotes is from Robin Bernstein, a historian and professor at Harvard, shown below. I think we could all use this advice at ANY age!! Stop worrying so much about the future and remember to enjoy the moment.

International Day of the Girl“I have bad news for you: You are not clairvoyant. Not even a little. You have no idea how the future will unfold. But it will unfold, slowly and quickly and slowly again, in ways that you cannot now begin to imagine. So stop trying to guess what’s coming next. All the effort you put into figuring out what will happen, all the scenarios you play out in your mind — they’re useless. And that’s a good thing. Relax and let the future arrive on its own time and in its own way. Allow yourself to be astonished.” (Robin Bernstein)

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