That Quarantine Life


THIRTY-THREE and corona-free today! Well, 100% sure it’s my birthday. Hopefully COVID-19 free. In my self-quarantine, I made myself a Lizzo birthday cake! Positive thoughts and my favorite mocha icebox cake! If you want a slice, message me for take-out :) I’ve actually never heard from so many people on my birthday before – really feeling all that “stuck at home, nothing to do” love! Thank you friends!Cake inspired by Joy the Baker’s @DrakeOnCake. Just as it sounds: Drake lyrics frosted on cakes. It kills me.

While we’ve all got a little extra time on our hands, a few things to check-out:

What to Read: Daisy Jones & the Six is my absolute favorite book of the last year. It reads like a VH1 Behind the Music documentary, bouncing back and forth between the bandmates, who recount the rise and fall of their band in the 70’s. All the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll chaos you’re imagining. It’s magic. It’s LOL funny. I can’t wait for the TV series on Amazon!

Also, on a serious note, read this respiratory therapist’s description of the lung failure he’s witnessed with corona patients, including young adults. It reaffirms your decision to stay home!

What to Netflix: Tiger King is absolutely wild. You couldn’t make these people up if you tried. It’s a documentary, but feels mythic. My mind is blown.

What to Make: Cookie Dough Energy Bites for quarantine snacking. Made a batch last week!

What to Give: If you live in Milwaukee and love to dine out, consider donating to S.O.S (Save our Spots), a fundraiser created by C.J. Krawczyk to support our local restaurants. He’s featured in the Journal Sentinel and has started distributing the collected money directly to restaurant owners.

What to Rock: Justin Bieber – Acoustic Intentions – Here’s to hoping Summerfest goes on as planned this June or I miss the chance to dance with the crop-topped teens to Sorry…Also, Chris Stapleton, if you’re reading this, I’ll wear a hazmat suit to hear you sing Tennessee Whiskey live again. Dead serious.

Stay healthy, friends!!


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  1. How did I not know you have a blog! Also, I second both Daisy Jones and Chris Stapleton! Go away Corona we hate you.

  2. Happy Birthday Sara! I love your Lizzo cake. Keep your beautiful smile and positive spirit. Love you. Christie

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  3. Happy Birthday Sara!! Definitely a birthday to remember!! A toast to you and all the blessings in our lives💗🍷 Kris

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